Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

Saturday, October 6, 2012

xtreme fat loss diet
I have had this program for some time now and I have researched exactly how Joel Marion arranged and prepared the xtreme fat loss program, the exercise and nutritional methods provided within.

I have had a look at the way this program manipulates your hormones to increase your fat loss. How the various eating approaches are used in a particular order that allows you to get rid of fat while working to maintain your muscle mass, and how the training is organized to go together with the eating methods to get you fast results.

After looking at the program, discovering customer feedback from men and women who have tried it, and talking with other fitness experts about this program, it is quite clear that the xtreme fat loss diet is not a scam. You can get a fast weight loss with it.

The xtreme fat loss diet separates the dieting into 5-day cycles.

1. Cheat Day: Density Training Day a day when you will have to enhance your leptin levels and your fat burning system. You can even eat those very sinful foods like pizza, beer and ice cream. This is also when you have to carry out the density style training included in your xtreme fat loss diet package.

2. Shake Day: Strength Day, this is the day when you will only have to consume nutritional shakes. You will also have to do strength training where you will have to maintain your lean body mass.

3. Fast Day: Lactic Acid Day, a day when you have to do a specific fasting and the Lactic Acid training which is very strenuous. This exercising is made to reduce many calories.

4. Moderate Carb: Dynamic Training Day, you will have to eat 40% carbs, 30% fats, and 30% protein.

5. Protein Depletion Day: Lactic Acid Training Day, you have to make space for the caloric "cheat day" and the lactic acid training here is extreme.

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In all these 5-day blocks you will be forced to follow a specific menu and do special exercises. Sticking with these to the letter is very important as they are all formulated to prime your body to lose weight in just a quick period. You carry out each routine in a 5-day block and do it again for 5 cycles, with the target weight loss at the end of 25 pounds. Rather than allowing your body go into starvation mode because of food deprivation, one of the days in each 5 day cycle is a cheat day where you can luckily eat almost anything you like, even foods with high levels of fat. This prevents your body shutting down and keeping stores of fat.

What I am stating is I cannot promise that you will shed weight at triple the pace you would have done in most cases. What I do know is the fact that this particular system could provide what you need and may provide results. The xtreme fat loss program by Joel Marion a strict fat loss diet for people who want a system that works quickly by burning calories effectively during the time they are following this system. It is a program you must follow consistently to achieve the best results from it.

The exercises available in this program may not be simple. They could possibly become a challenge in your case. It is a shame, but it is the only method to get real living results. Although sketchy online marketers could try to market fat burning products that prove the world and produce very little, the fact is that a person will need to make an effort to get results.

Here is the main point in which Joel Marion is really implying: if you are prepared to make the effort and follow his program to the letter, the details, exercise routines, and dietary recommendations within the xtreme fat loss program, it can help you achieve a faster fat burning rate. Most likely not triple that which you are achieving at this time, although faster nevertheless.